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Squire SS65S CEN 5 rated high security padlock with Evva 4KS patented key

Squire SS65S CEN 5 rated high security padlock with Evva 4KS patented key

Squire SS65 Stronghold CEN 5 rated high security padlock with Evva 4KS patented key is even more robust, stronger and more secure.
Squire SS65 Solid Hardened Steel Lock Body with Hardened Boron Alloy Steel Shackle is an extremely secure padlock. Evva 4KS cylinder has hardened control bars with 12 drill resistant sliders (locking pins) made from carbide. There are also additional anti drill pins strategically placed in the cylinder. The 4KS cylinder has a high resistance to atmospheric conditions, dust, dirt and grit providing industry leading operation and reliability in the harshest of environments
Squire SS65 padlock has Two Levels of Coating with Zinc Plating as a Base Coat and Black Electrophoretic as a second.
4KS key is made of high-quality nickel-silver alloy combined with the anti-friction coating of all locking elements within the cylinder and the springless technology guarantees high wear resistance even in the toughest conditions.
The Evva 4KS keying mechanism is ideal for very complex masterkeying systems as unlike other keying systems the security remains uncompromised when pinned a accommodate multi-level access.
The patent on the 4KS system is valid until 2035. Through patents and licensing, EVVA restricts the manufacture of 4KS keys ensuring keys can only be duplicated with the owners permission.
Evva 4KS can be keyed alike or masterkeyed to all of the Squire Stronghold range of padlocks and to a comprehensive range of cylinders allowing the same key or various keys on a masterkey suite to operate many different types of locks
Body width 65mm
Body Height 66mm
Body Depth 31.8mm
Horizontal Shackle Clearance 29.5mm
Vertical Shackle Clearance 29mm
Shackle diameter 12.7 mm
Supplied with 2 keys. Extra keys cost £10.63 + vat when purchased with padlock(s). Usual price is £12.95 + vat per key
No charge for keying alike however only 2 keys will be supplied in total if keyed alike option is selected below and not 2 keys per padlock.

Price: 139.90 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Extra Keys
Keyed alike 2 keys supplied