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Safelocks locks and padlock shop

Safelocks is the No1 UK Security Locks supplier specialising in High Security Locks only. We are professional locksmiths with expert knowledge and advice. Safelocks can supply keys cut to code including specialist Dimple keys, Laser keys, Laser Track, Simplex, Car Keys, mortice keys etc.
For 22 years Safelocks has been supplying safes, locks, handles & hardware throughout the UK and Europe. Our pride is in supplying and fitting only tried and tested products of all well known security manufacturers and we are able to offer competitive discounts for commercial customers. Current customers include, Hospitals, Local Authority, Military, Museums, Communication sites, Police buildings, Schools and Factories. Safelocks online shop features most popular brand name locks, quality & prices second to none. Our catalogue has been streamlined for efficiency, if the safe, lock or hardware item is not listed please email us your requirements
Evva 4KS Highest Security Cylinder

Evva 4KS Highest Security Cylinder

Evva 4KS Cylinders in stock
Effective protection against snapping and pulling attempts.
The innovative technology of the 4KS cylinder offers lasting protection against illegal opening methods:
Picking and scanning protection
The 4KS cylinder is equipped with locking sliders and free moving locking elements in the plug, it is virtually impossible to make an unauthorised copy of the key. With 4 overlapping tracks cut asymmetrically. Patented key protection until 2035.
Carbide metal elements and a body drilling protection offer effective
protection against drilling, pulling and snapping attempts.
Suitable for a single cylinder application to highly complex masterkeyed systems.
The 4KS springless mechanism offers wear resistance and longlife as well as a smooth resistance free key operation.
Safelocks are proud to offer Evva 4KS cylinders and 4KS key cutting. Probably the most secure locking solution available.
Evva 4KS BS-EN-1303:2015 16010C6D
hazard zones ENV-1627-4
resistance class ÖNORM B 535-Wz6
fire resistance EN-1634-1 90 minutes
corrosion resistance EN-1670-C
Safelocks is qualified to be fully registered on UVDB Achilles community

Safelocks is qualified to be fully registered on UVDB Achilles community

UVDB is the utility industry pre-qualification system used across the UK. Safelocks is qualified and fully registered on UVDB Achilles community.
Safelocks has been supplying master-keyed cylinders, locks and padlocks since 2001 to Power, Gas, Communications companies
Medeco Locks UK Official Service Centre

Medeco Locks UK Official Service Centre

Medeco Service Centre UK
Official Medeco service center number is MSC148 UK
Safelocks is officially authorised to supply Medeco locks and Medeco cut keys.
Medeco M3 High Security Cylinders

Medeco M3 High Security Cylinders

Full range of cylinders made to fit all lock cases and rekeyable padlocks. Medeco Locks M3, combining the best of Chubb Locks with engineering innovations that take security to the next level.
Medeco offer a high level of protection against unauthorized key duplication. It’s virtually impossible for someone to get a copy of your keys without your permission. Only Medeco3 security professionals are authorized to copy your key, and only with your consent. Patent protected until 2021 Certified to the new standard UL437, CEN6, BS EN 1303 and the first product to obtain ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Level A.
The Medeco 3 locking system cannot be unlocked using the new lock opening techniques, as the pins rotate as the key is inserted.
Cylinders and padlocks can be keyed alike or masterkeyed.
Cisa Astral S anti bump and snap resistant euro cylinder locks

Cisa Astral S anti bump and snap resistant euro cylinder locks

Looking for a bump proof lock?
BKP Bump and snap resistant device fitted as standard
Patented laminated steel core made of 6 rigid segments and 1
flexible segment extends throughout the entire length of the
cylinder and provides snap resistance to both flexural and pulling
test. The core is visible at both ends of a double cylinder to
provide an additional visual deterrent.
10 Pin key bitting system produces over 1.6 million key differs
Mushroom shaped driver profile provides "pick resistance"
Hardened steel pins and drivers throughout protect from drilling
and give high durability
Brass cylinder body and plugs, satin brass or satin nickel
finish as standard
Self lubricating projecting DIN standard sintered steel cam
provides push resistance to prevent the cylinder being forced out
of the lockcase
Clutch cam fitted as standard to allow operation even if the key
has been left in the other side
Phosphor bronze springs
Hardened steel inserts in the body & core prevent drilling attack
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Abus 141/200 Diskus Integral Vanlock

Abus 141/200 Diskus Integral Vanlock

Abus 141/200 Diskus Integral Vanlock
Can be used on any outward opening double doors eg. garages, sheds, vans, trucks.
The Abus 141/200 is a multipurpose hasp and staple with all round protection.
Strong steel construction giving maximum security.
At the heart of the Abus Integral Vanlock is an original Abus Diskus 26/70 Padlock.
The Abus Diskus 26/70 is stainless steel with anti-drill plate protection.
The Abus 141/20 Diskus Integral Vanlock is available with or without padlock.
Pictured in white finish the 141/200 Diskus Integral Vanlock is also available in black
Can be used with any Abus Diskus 70mm padlock keyed alike or masterkeyed
114/20+26/70 Diskus Inegral C is supplied complete with Abus 26/70 padlock with 2 keys.
114/20 Diskus Inegral C is supplied with padlock.
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ASSA Locks, Modular cases, Handles, Assa cylinders and accessories

ASSA Locks, Modular cases, Handles, Assa cylinders and accessories

ASSA lockcases are available for all types of doors. Lock cases and cylinders are available in different dimensions. The innovative modular lock design offers a vast range of functions, from standard latch locks to high security deadbolt locks, split follower locks and emergency escape locks.
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